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Scottsdale Breast Implants Revision

Unsatisfied with a breast augmentation you had done elsewhere? It is likely that Dr. Leber can help improve your results. If you're experiencing complications or are unhappy with the results, come see some of the finest breast implants Scottsdale has to offer, according many of our satisfied patients. Dr. Geoffrey Leber has been able to revise many breast augmentation issues and flaws done by other surgeons to improve the look, shape and/or feel of the breasts.

Some women may experience implants that do not settle properly after their surgery, making them look unnatural or obvious. Other patients may encounter an unnatural feel after undergoing breast augmentation, or have problems related to deflated breast implants. Scottsdale patients who encounter these types of breast augmentation problems can rest assured that Scottsdale breast implants specialist, Dr. Leber, is meticulous when it comes to revising breast augmentations in order to improve the results of previously unsatisfactory work.

For patients in Scottsdale, breast implants from previous operations will be thoroughly examined and the problems diagnosed before any revision procedure. This helps prevent future problems as well.

Previously unsatisfactory breast surgery due to undesirable size or implant placement, ripples, or capsular contracture and can often be fixed and improved through replacing the implants and repositioning them.

Scottsdale breast implants specialist Dr. Leber spends a great deal of time with each patient during consultations to review exactly what is bothering the patient about their current breasts . Dr. Leber's breast revisions can improve the position and shape of unsatisfactory breast implants Scottsdale patients are concerned with.

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Revision Breast Augmentation: Repairing Bottomed Out Breasts
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Left Implant: High Profile Saline 460 cc filled to 500 cc
Right Implant: High Profile Saline: 460 cc filled to 500 cc
Left Width: 14 cm
Right Width: 14 cm

Revision Breast Augmentation: Repairing Capsular Contracture

Revision Breast Augmentation: Repairing Bottomed Out Breasts
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Right Implant: Moderate Saline 425 cc filled to 450 cc
Left Implant: Moderate Saline 425 cc filled to 450 cc
Right Width: 16 cm
Left Width: 16 cm

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Pictures displayed on this website the before and after outcomes of some of Dr. Geoffrey Leber's patients.  Patients are shown in various stages of postoperative healing, and  have graciously given consent for the usage of their photos on this website.  Your results may or may not be similar to those shown here. Due to variations in patients' wishes,  anatomy and previous surgery, every result is different. While all efforts are taken for the hoped for results to materialize, reputable surgeons cannot make guarantees.


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