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BOTOX® & Other Non-Surgical

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breast procedures

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Breast Augmentation

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breast procedures

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Arm Lifts (Brachioplasty)

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Labia Reduction


Lower Body Lifts

Pubic Lift with Abdominoplasty

Thigh Buttock Lift and/or Augmentation

Tummy Tucks

Tummy Tucks for Severe Diastasis

Tummy Tucks with Midline Skin Excision

Tummy Tuck in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Pregnancy, along with excessive weight gain and loss, stretches and weakens the abdominal wall. The muscles become separated and cannot be corrected by diet and exercise alone. If you're seeking a tummy tuck Phoenix procedure, Dr. Leber has over 16 years of experience.

The Scottsdale tummy tuck procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, tightens the weakened abdominal wall with internal sutures, restoring a shapely abdomen. Highly experienced in Scottsdale tummy tuck procedures, Dr. Leber is also able to eliminate stretch marks below the belly button and lower midline incisions.

The traditional abdominoplasty makes the abdominal wall tighter using only midline internal sutures. However, over-tightening of these sutures can result in a flat midsection without any muscular definition. The technique that Dr. Leber utilizes in his tummy tuck Phoenix procedures allows full correction of the abdominal wall laxity with the addition of horizontal and lateral oblique internal sutures. This effectively lowers and narrows the waistline, while giving the tummy a firm, toned and natural shape.

Special attention to the belly button appearance is paid during a Scottsdale tummy tuck, with the preservation of the upper umbilical hollow and placement of incisions below the bikini line allows the scars to be well concealed during tummy tuck Phoenix and Scottsdale procedures.

This tummy tuck Scottsdale surgeon is double board certified and was featured as a Top Doctor by Phoenix Magazine, an honor especially meaningful to him since it was voted on by his peers. Those seeking a tummy tuck Scottsdale procedure can review the photos below to see some of of Dr. Geoffrey Leber's work prior to booking a consultation with him.

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Pictures displayed on this website the before and after outcomes of some of Dr. Geoffrey Leber's patients.  Patients are shown in various stages of postoperative healing, and  have graciously given consent for the usage of their photos on this website.  Your results may or may not be similar to those shown here. Due to variations in patients' wishes,  anatomy and previous surgery, every result is different. While all efforts are taken for the hoped for results to materialize, reputable surgeons cannot make guarantees.


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