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Scottsdale BOTOX and Injectable Fillers

Below is a table with information about BOTOX and the various injectable fillers available at our Med Spa.

Injectable FDA Approved Composition Duration* Purpose Benefits/Info Other Comments



Purified protein

3-4 months

Used to relax facial muscles, correcting unwanted wrinkles and furrows on the face; and used to eliminate excessive sweating on the body.

Botox Phoenix is not a facial filler, but used to target facial muscles, resulting in a more relaxed look.

Natural looking, with little downtime. When Botox Phoenix is expertly administered, the face maintains its ability to express, without overstressing the skin and muscles.



Non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) gel

6-8 months
(in some, up to 12 months)

Facial contouring. Filling in facial lines. Lip enhancement. Tear troughs.

Restylane, a hyaluronic acid gel, closely resembles the body's own hyaluronic acid. It improves skin elasticity, fills in furrows and smoothes lines and imperfections. Furthermore, it restores volume and stimulates the body to produce new collagen.

Works well for facial folds, and lip enhancement. Restylane is used in more than one million treatments in over 60 countries.



Non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) gel

6-12 months

Moderate to severe facial lines

Perlane has a molecule 4x the size of the Restylane molecule, so it takes longer for the body to break it down (i.e. lasts longer). Perlane is placed deeper in the dermis and fills in folds utilizing less of the filler substance. Like Restylane, Perlane prompts the body to produce new collagen.

Perlane filler treatment typically last 6 -12 months, whereas Restylane may last only 6 - 8 months. Since Perlane lasts longer and it takes less substance to achieve the desired look, many physicians prefer Perlane to Restylane for the filling of nasolabiol folds.

CosmoDerm™ & CosmoPlast™


Human-based Collagen

3-6 months

Nasolabial folds
Crow's feet
Frown lines

CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast are the first and only applications approved for the treatment of fine lines and lip borders, made of human collagen.

A more natural lip enhancement treatment.



Calcium Hydroxy-lapatitie
(a synthetic form of a material found in bones and teeth)

1-2 years

Nasolabial folds
Frown lines
Facial contouring

Radiesse prompts the body to produce new collagen. It's mainly used to treat moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles around the mouth and nose area.

Long lasting and cost-effective treatment for deep nasolabial folds.



Hyaluronic Acid

up to 1 year

Facial lines
Facial shaping
Lip enhance

JuvÉderm is the only FDA approved, hyaluronic acid (HA) filler lasting up to 12 months. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid creates a smooth consistency gel that easily flows with facial contours, giving more natural looking results.

JuvÉderm comes in two formulas: Ultra, and Ultra Plus. The formula plays a part in determining the length of the results.

* Duration of results depends on many factors, such as skin type, lifestyle, age, the degree of perfection demanded by the patient and the injection technique of the practitioner.

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